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Alex Allday Ceramics & Surface Pattern Design

Hanging Planter Pot - Grey Architecture

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A Hanging Planter Pot with surface transfer print design, inspired by English Architectural styles and the intricate details and elements of buildings such as St Pancras Station and The Royal Opera House.

Great to be used as a planter pot for succulents and the pot comes ready strung for hanging using strong twine with a length of 52cm. The length of the twine can be altered by tying it shorter within the pot to make the piece hang at a shorter length if desired.

The pot measures 7cm high x 8cm wide. 

Please note there may be a slight variation in the colour shown due to different firings and print runs.

Plant not included.

The Planter can be hung from a wall using screw in hooks or you can purchase a dowel hook with the pot which is an additional £2.50.  See images for details.

The dowel hook  measures 8.5cm x 1.2cm which when screwed into a wall allows enough room for the pot to hang on it away from the wall. The hook comes with a double ended screw in so it is ready to be screwed straight into your wall.